According to Chef Danish Khan, Executive Pastry Chef, Conrad Pune, “Unlike churned ice cream, it’s far an unchurned frozen dessert that may be without problems organized at home with out the need for an ice cream device or another specialized system. All you want is a meals processor and a ordinary freezer to make this delicious and nutritious dessert.”
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cottage cheese ice creamIn this dessert, cottage cheese replaces cream and maple syrup or honey replaces sugar. Some recipes additionally consist of adding clean fruit to the blended combination to add coloration and further flavour. (Source: Chef Danish Khan)
Ice cream is a top notch way to chill oneself down all through the recent summer season months — it’s far without problems to be had, comes in very many flavours, and properly, notably, tastes scrumptious. But for health enthusiasts and people watching their weight, save-bought ice cream equals fats and sugar. However, of late, a “more healthy version” of ice cream has been doing the rounds on social media — one that is being touted to be wealthy in protein. Wondering what we are speakme approximately? It’s the ‘cottage cheese ice cream’ that was taken over TikTok via hurricane.

So, what exactly is the cottage cheese ice cream?

In this dessert, cottage cheese replaces cream, and maple syrup or honey replaces sugar. Some recipes additionally include adding sparkling fruit to the blended mixture to add colour and additional flavour.

According to Chef Danish Khan, govt pastry chef, Conrad Pune, “Unlike churned ice cream, it’s miles an unchurned frozen dessert that may be easily prepared at domestic without the want for an ice cream gadget or every other specialised system. All you want is a food processor and a ordinary freezer to make this scrumptious and nutritious dessert.”

Is it virtually a more fit option?

The chef referred to that cottage cheese ice cream is a terrific dessert choice for people looking to reduce their calorie consumption whilst still enjoying a sweet treat. “Cottage cheese is a rich supply of calcium and protein, which might be essential for maintaining healthful bones and muscle mass, and may additionally help regulate blood strain. Cottage cheese itself is beneficial for retaining bone fitness and preventing osteoporosis. In addition, it plays a position in converting meals into power, that can aid a healthy metabolism and aid in weight loss,” he told indianexpress.Com.

Additionally, healthier sugar options like maple syrup make the ice cream a better option. It is also high in antioxidant content material. “Cottage cheese ice cream doesn’t have any sort of stabiliser or every other chemical in it and also it has natural sugar rather than subtle sugar,” stated Khan.

Festive offer
However, he brought that individuals who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy merchandise need to keep away from it or pick a dairy-free opportunity. It might also not be appropriate for individuals on a low-sodium or low-potassium eating regimen as it may consists of a moderate quantity of these minerals. Additionally, people with positive scientific conditions such as kidney ailment have to limit their intake of high-protein ingredients like cottage cheese ice cream, as excessive protein intake can positioned a stress at the kidneys.

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But Shweta Shah, a celeb nutritionist and founder of Eatfit24/7, expressed objections. “Cottage cheese is low in fat, particularly if you pick reduced fat version. It is likewise excessive in protein, at the side of nutrients like calcium, B nutrition and iodine that make it a wholesome alternative. But this low sugar and low fat cottage cheese will become a high fat and high sugar indulgence while you top it up with sugary syrups. It could be very crucial to have in mind about the more substances which you are adding on it, as the ones are those that decide how healthful this ice cream would turn out,” she instructed indianexpress.Com.

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